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Solenix helps the European Central Bank in improving plausibility checks with Machine Learning29 November 2021

The European Central Bank (ECB) periodically collects data from European banks for supervisory purposes. To complement the ECB’s quality assurance and assessment tasks, Solenix has participated in a project with the aim of improving the plausibility checks performed by the ECB with Machine Learning (ML).

During the project a prototype was developed. With this prototype the ECB can:


Solenix contributes to the introduction of AI for Ground Segment Operations Automation10 September 2021

We are living in exciting times where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having more and more a key role in a wide range of applications from image/speech recognition to digital personal assistants, from health care to recommendation systems, etc. AI solutions could support decision-making, automate repetitive actions, accelerate response times, leading to greater efficiencies and performance improvements at all levels.


Technical Requirements Ambiguity Checker31 March 2021

As a spin-off of the European Space Operations Centre’s (ESOC) innovation cup, Solenix developed a technical requirements analysis tool for the European Space Agency (ESA). This tool, the Technical Requirements Ambiguity Checker (TRAC), analyses requirements documents for the use of ambiguous wording according to pre-defined keywords. The quality of technical requirements is defined by their clarity and completeness.


Solenix expands WebMUST’s functionality with support for vectors08 October 2020

In spring 2020, Solenix concluded a project for the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency (ESA). In this activity, our Software Engineering Division expanded WebMUST, a Web-based client to explore and display spacecraft housekeeping telemetry, with a new module to demonstrate the use of vectors derived from the stored data. This module includes the following features:


Solenix supports the development of an End-to-End Concept for Offline Mission Operations31 July 2020

Solenix, in partnership with VisionSpace Technologies, has been awarded a study by the European Space Agency to look for new approaches for satellite mission operations that defy traditional concepts. The consortium led by VisionSpace will be investigating how the latest concepts and advances in areas such as automation, data analysis, autonomy and others can support the design of an approach for offline mission operations.