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Solenix is an international company providing engineering and consulting services in the space market. Our software team consists of highly skilled professionals focused on delivering smart and reliable solutions.

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17 July 2024

CityNexus: Solenix's Contribution to Urban Digital Twins - Climate Resilient Urban Planning

Urban areas globally grapple with challenges like traffic congestion and poor air quality. CityNexus, an innovative application on the DestinE Platform, aims...


05 June 2024

World Environment Day - Solenix cooperation with TU Delft

World Environment Day is the United Nations Day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.


20 March 2024

Crafting Our Identity: Our journey to define our company Mission, Vision, and Values

Over the past several months, Solenix has been on an inspiring journey, delving into the essence of who we are, and what Solenix represents and to further define the purpose of our...