Our products are based on modern technologies with a focus on intuitive user interfaces and integration capabilities with existing systems.

We offer a number of software tools and systems as products and in synergy with our engineering services. These products are developed in response to real needs and in close-collaboration with intended users in order to maximise the benefits for our customers.

Most of our products can be used as is, but we are happy to customise them to specific needs. In addition, we provide maintenance and user support services.

The current list of our products is below. Click on the arrows to expand the descriptions. If you wish to have more information, please contact us.


Multi-purpose electronic logbook solution for industrial operations

Überlog is a web-based logbook solution from Solenix with a state-of-the-art user interface to quickly save and analyse logbook entries. As a web application, it can be used through modern web browsers in any environment, including tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

An electronic logbooks system is a replacement for paper-based logbooks that are typically used for keeping track of events. A logbook is a collection of time-stamped entries that allow full traceability. Every entry has a defined author and cannot be modified. For altering an entry, a revision must be created. The full history of revisions is thus maintained.

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MUST: Mission Utility and Support Tools

Powerful and efficient storage and access to spacecraft mission data

MUST was first developed in 2003 and helped revolutionise many of the workflows for managing spacecraft telemetry data. It was born out of the necessity to efficiently access and complement the packet based telemetry repositories available at the time with a high performance parameter archive.
MUST is a suite of different tools, based on years of operational experience and user feedback, covering these areas:

  • Efficient data storage
  • Powerful data analysis, and
  • Flexible, accessible data visualisation of data

Nowadays it is used actively by many spacecraft missions and has become an important set of tools to keep a grasp on time series data, particularly for spacecraft telemetry.
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