Überlog: Operations Logbook Solution

What Is it?

Überlog is a web-based operations logbook solution from Solenix with a state-of-the-art user interface to quickly save and analyse logbook entries. As a web application, it can be used through modern web browsers in any environment, including tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

What Does It Do?

An electronic logbooks system is a replacement for paper-based logbooks that are typically used for keeping track of events. A logbook is a collection of time-stamped entries that allow full traceability. Every entry has a defined author and cannot be modified. For altering an entry, a revision must be created. The full history of revisions is maintained.

How Does It Help?

The main advantage of an electronic solution is the possibility to create, merge, filter and search across multiple logbooks while being able to add more context information to log entries. It is also faster than handwriting, especially with some of the advanced features, such as Templates and Batch Entries. Furthermore, the logbook can be accessed from remote locations.

These advantages ultimately lead to:

  • Better quality of information through consistent and standardised logging
  • Improved information sharing and time saving through quick access to historical entries
  • Simplified monitoring and reporting for operators and managers through remote access and auto-generation of reports

More information and access to a demo can be found on the Überlog website.