The easy to use, flight-proven Mission Control System for your nano and small satellites

Elveti is a complete, cost effective solution for operating and monitoring nano and small satellites. In addition to being easy to use, it is based on global aerospace standards and designed for customisation and extensibility. It thus adapts easily to mission-specific needs throughout their lifecycle. Elveti can indeed support the development of a mission from the first hardware tests on-ground to its long-term operations in space. Moreover, Evelti has multi-satellites and multi-ground-stations capabilities at its core and can efficiently handle a constellation.

What Does It Do?

Elveti handles all your data from the ground station to the operators and facilitates their dissemination to the final recipient (customers, scientists, etc.).

Using standard protocols combined to modern technologies, Elveti interfaces with your ground stations, decodes your telemetry and generates telecommands for your satellites. The operators interact with the system through simple, modern applications, which are designed to be used on multiple screens. The core of the processing is performed by server applications allowing for a distributed environment with remote ground stations and remote operators.

How Does It Help?

Elveti offers many benefits to both commercial and educational missions:

  • Modern cost-effective solution that let’s you focus your efforts on the building of the satellites;
  • Open interfaces that allow integration with your systems;
  • Extensible and customisable to tailor the ground segment to your needs;
  • Full-stack from the ground station to the operators;
  • Full monitoring and control functionality;
  • Multi-satellites capability for constellations;
  • Multi-ground-stations capability for an increased downlink and uplink capacity;
  • Scripts for simplified operations;
  • Leverage key aerospace standards;
  • Flight-proven…

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