BOSS Dashboard


BOSS Dashboard is a web-based real-time monitoring solution for complex systems such as satellites and their ground segment systems. In addition to presenting raw data, it adds intelligence by extracting higher-level information while still allowing to drill-down for analysis. The dashboard gets its data from flexible connectors that gather data from multiple heterogeneous systems. The solution is based on ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana.


The BOSS Dashboard supports multiple views representing the various elements of the system being monitored from tactical overviews to subsystem states. Dashboards can easily be created, configured and customised by assembling widgets.


Widgets are the visual building blocks that form the views to display relevant information. The speciality of the BOSS dashboard are customised widgets that present your data tailored to your system:

  • Show trends
  • Draw attention to anomalous values
  • Visualise thresholds
  • Link to other dashboards and external tools


  • Maintain the overview of your complex systems
  • Modern solution for monitoring and analysis
  • Merge your data from multiple data sources together in the same views
  • Efficiently monitor the status of your system, identify anomalous values and analyse trends in your data
  • Include data mining algorithms
  • Custom-made widgets to gather and display information tailored to your needs
  • Drill-down into your data for root cause analysis

For more information or requesting a demo account, please contact us via email.