Solenix enjoys a fun-packed weekend in Bamberg!

14 September 2022

The annual company trip took place from 16 – 17 July in the medieval town of Bamberg.

The Friday started eventful with a gathering in the office to celebrate our colleague Paulo's 12 years with Solenix! Sandwiches and drinks ensured that all were well-prepared for the bus ride to Upper Franconia. After a delicious dinner in the "Kachelofen" we met our guide who gave us a glimpse in Bamberg's rich history and it's tales and sagas. The evening ended with a tour through Bamberg's nightlife with plenty of drinks and laughter.

Saturday started early with a wholehearted breakfast to gather the strength for an intense day of sight-seeing, gaming and savouring Bamberg's offerings. The first item on our list was a guided tour to learn more about Bamberg's "liquid bread" and its history, with the region being famous for the highest density of beer breweries worldwide. Luckily the city's breweries are not only famous for their beer, but also for the hearty Franconian cuisine.

With our bellies full we started the afternoon off with some team-based challenges. Split into four teams the Olympic games begun! The first game consisted in manning two dragon boats and racing along the Regnitz, Bamberg’s river. This was followed by several team challenges such as gumboot throwing, beer mug curling, and team-cross country skiing (not easy without snow!). The blue team won most points and brought a trophy back home!

The day came to an end with a fantastic dinner in the "Ambräusianum" and an extended tour through the city centre, celebrating our colleague Anis' birthday.

The awesome weekend finished with a good breakfast, sore muscles, and many great memories.

After we brought our Italian colleagues to the airport we ended the trip back in Darmstadt.

We are already looking forward to next year’s company trip in the beautiful region of Alsace.