Solenix develops a new Training Calendar for EUMETSAT

28 January 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Solenix continues supporting EUMETSAT in offering training courses to the public by extending the current Training Calendar to a full-fledged Training Management Tool.

The EUMETSAT training programme aims to support meteorological and hydrological services of member states in the operational application of data and products provided by EUMETSAT. In the context of Copernicus, the scope is wider and the training is also targeted at operational, research and commercial organisations. In a few words, training is provided to make sure diverse user groups can properly make use of the full range of EUMETSAT’s satellite data, services and products.

The training courses of EUMETSAT and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) are announced and advertised to the public in the Training Calendar. In this project, the Training Calendar will be re-designed to support managing trainings: administrators will be able to define courses, manage participants and gain deeper insights with course statistics, while public users can use a simple process to register for courses.

Solenix is very happy to support EUMETSAT’s efforts to provide training once again by offering our expertise in software engineering.