Solenix expands WebMUST’s functionality with support for vectors

08 October 2020

In spring 2020, Solenix concluded a project for the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency (ESA). In this activity, our Software Engineering Division expanded WebMUST, a Web-based client to explore and display spacecraft housekeeping telemetry, with a new module to demonstrate the use of vectors derived from the stored data. This module includes the following features:

  • Introduction of the notion of vectors and quaternions derived from telemetry as well as operations with them
  • Extension of the comparison capabilities of WebMUST, with the inclusion of vectors
  • Addition of 2D and 3D plots showing the vector components
  • Addition of user-defined limits on the 2D plots with vectors
  • Development of an animation mode for the 3D plot that shows the vector components over time

The developed module is seamlessly integrated in WebMUST and provides the foundation and basic functionality that will enable the development of tools in other areas beyond spacecraft operations, such as Attitude and Orbit Control.
We are very happy to have successfully concluded this activity and to have supported a new group of end-users in leveraging the benefits of mission data analysis.

Vectors can be compared with each other visually and in a tabular representation showing numerical differences.

Vectors can be represented in 3D plots showing either the full time range or an animation between data points in the time range.