Solenix set up for an intense 2018 with ESA and OGC Testbed and Hackathon initiatives

09 May 2018

Solenix is delighted to announce that it will be heavily involved in this year’s OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) innovation activities. In 2017, its maiden year of OGC membership, Solenix participated in OGC Testbed 13. This year, it will play a major role in OGC Testbed 14, where in fact it has been awarded deliverables in two different threads: the EOC (Earth Observation Clouds) one, sponsored by ESA, and the NextGen (Next Generation) one, in which it is a direct supplier of the OGC. For the EOC thread, Solenix will be responsible for the implementation of a TEP (Thematic Exploitation Platform) Client and for the lead edition of two Engineering Reports. For the NextGen thread, Solenix will instead implement the Next Generation Client deliverable.

The kick-off of OGC Testbed 14 took place on 10-12 April at the USGS Headquarters, close to Washington D.C., in the United States. The coordination between all participants is already well under way. Solenix welcomes the renewed responsibility and trust from the OGC and ESA in what is the largest OGC innovation program initiative. We are looking forward to another year of successful collaboration with the sponsors and participants.

At the same time, during March, April and concluding on 3-4 May at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, the OGC and ESA organized an Earth Observation Exploitation Platforms Hackathon. It had the two main goals of demonstrating the results of Testbed 13 in action through the involvement of several new partners and of paving the way for the success of Testbed 14, as several topics of the previous Testbed and the Hackathon will continue to be relevant and revisited. For Solenix, the Hackathon served to demonstrate the interoperability of the client developed in Tested 13 and as a jump start in the Testbed 14 activities.

2018 definitely promises a lot of exciting work and results for OGC, ESA and Solenix!