Solenix Pet Project: the Air Quality Sensor

20 March 2018

Since the end of February, a new installation is monitoring the air quality in the Solenix’s Software Engineering Team’s office. The USB-based sensor measures the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, which are the major culprits of “stuffy air”. These are created, for example, by humans and computers, indispensable in a working environment, but also by carpets or cooking. The values measured by the sensor are displayed in an easy to read graph shown in a touchscreen.

This installation has been designed and implemented as a pet project by two of our software engineers: Marcel Müller and Martin Tykal. They have used a VOC sensor, a Raspberry Pi and a capacitive touchscreen to read, save and display the “air quality” levels every 11 seconds. Marcel and Martin plan on further evolving and enhancing the sensor by adding other data sources to complement the measurements, as well as some extra functionality to the touch display.