Solenix presents the results of the OGC Testbed 13 project in Washington

19 January 2018

The OGC Testbed 13 demonstration event took place in Reston (Virginia) on 12 and 13 of December at the USGS National Centre. Around 100 participants attended the demonstration of the outcomes of the latest annual testbed initiative. The initiative, which was partially sponsored by ESA, sought to research and rapidly develop prototype solutions to identified geospatial IT problems. 

Solenix was one of the 31 participants that together created 15 solutions to 85 work items. After the presentations, the role of OGC is to take the results and evolve them into consensus-based open standards and best practices.

Our contribution was in the Earth Observation Clouds (EOC) Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEP) thread, and we were responsible for providing an implementation of the so-called Application Management Client. This client allows users to register applications in a TEP-like hosted processing platform. Applications have to be wrapped in an Application Package format specified during the project. Once an application has been registered and selected for usage, the client provides an interface to search for products in an appropriate EO data catalogue and to execute the application in the target platform. In the end, the client shows the user the result of running the application in the chosen platform.

In order to perform its function, the client interacts closely, in an interoperable manner, with several implementations of the Application Deployment and Execution Service, provided by other project participants. Some of the applications exercised as part of the Testbed 13 activities were the Land Cover application of the Forestry TEP, which classifies areas of land using Sentinel-2 data, and the STEMP application of the GeoHazards TEP, which generates surface temperature maps over volcanic areas.

The demonstration during the event was a success and Solenix is now looking forward to future collaborations with the OGC and ESA. More information on the event can be found in the OGC website.