Solenix at the ServiceNow Knowledge17 conference

14 June 2017

Knowledge is the annual conference organized by ServiceNow and its partners. This year Knowledge17 took place in Orlando (USA) in May. With more than 15.000 attendees, the conference provides insights into the evolution of this product and the opportunity to share the experience with experts and users from all over the world in a wide range of industries and applications.

ServiceNow provides a platform that automates business processes and has emerged in the last years as a very strong proposition in IT Service Management.

Our colleague Salvatore Iovieno is an expert in this platform and is the co-author of one of the presentations that was shared at this year’s conference. The presentation offered an overview of how one of our customers is leveraging the use of ServiceNow to integrate its IT service suppliers. It also focussed in the challenges that organisations face when integrating services from a multi-sourcing environment and provided some key take-aways and lessons learnt from their own experience.

Salvatore has been supporting our customer in the design and implementation of their service management system using ServiceNow. The system went live on Q3 2015 and currently supports more than 15.000 users, opening 1.000 tickets per month. Operators from different suppliers work together on the platform to conduct the requested activities, mainly related to the resolution of incidents, software and hardware maintenance, and management of the production and dissemination of data.

Next year’s conference is set to take place in Las Vegas and we hope that we can also take part!