New release of Überlog: High-Availability and Large Installations

24 May 2017

We recently released a new version of our electronic logbook solution, Überlog 1.2.0. This release brings new features especially designed for our most demanding customers that rely on large installations shared by multiple teams and require high-availability in support to their operations.

With this upgrade, our primary objective was to allow for new scenarios such as failover and continuity of service during maintenance, but the new features could also be used for load-balancing. To achieve this goal, Überlog can now leverage a cluster of databases, where data are replicated continuously and without delays. In addition, multiple installations of the Überlog server can connect to this cluster simultaneously thus offering redundant access points.

Moreover, this release streamlines the way multiple teams share a single Überlog server. For example, the administration of the folder and logbook structure is much simpler, as these tasks can be delegated to super-users in each team. Also, the visualisation of information has been improved taking into account the users’ access rights within the structure.

Finally, reinforcing the integration capabilities of Überlog, we have introduced token authentication to better manage access to Überlog from external systems. With this addition, writing entries into Überlog automatically or exporting them, for example to a report, becomes even easier than before.

If you want to know more about Überlog in general or this release in particular, please contact our team.